Explore the fascinating world of dolls

There is always something to see at the Bali Doll House

The first doll museum in Indonesia and the only one in Bali, Bali Doll House features a guided tour of doll displays with hosts telling the stories. This kid-friendly facility includes around 1,000 dolls from world-wide spread into 12 individual chambers, each with its own educative story.

Offering unique and creative doll exhibit and sensory lights that make the visitor’s experience more entertaining. Visitors can also view the Augmented Reality (AR) and video story clips for an interactive spin during the exploration. The highlight of the collection is vintage and rare dolls and figurines from Indonesia and various countries, including famous movies, kid’s favorites, and much loved super heroes. The gallery of dolls promises to add a level of fun and excitement to the conventional museum experience.

Bali Doll House presents a new concept recreation park that is fun, creative, educative, and entertaining. The property welcomes visitors of all ages and has access for disabled, family-friendly, exciting for couples, and ultimately, fascinating for school kids and children groups.

Perfect for pre wedding photos, birthdays, exhibitions, and outdoor events.

Bali Doll House mission is to make visitors happy, nurture a person’s self-esteem, promote culture diversity and to preserve the history of dolls by educating the public on their significance.

The doll collection belongs to Ir. Esther Lembono, a collector with a passion for dolls. She is currently CEO of Cakrawala Bali furniture and interior, established in Bali since 1998.